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What is a TESTIMONY 

if it is never TOLD? 

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About the Author:

 Rev. Stacy C. Cope

Stacy C. Cope is a loving husband to his beloved wife Sunshine N. Cope and father to four sons, Michael, Andrew, Wesley, and William. He is author of three books. His first book being "Untold Testimonies Told" released in 2018 and his second titled "Testimonies Told" released in 2020 and his newest and third book released in 2022 "From Sheep To Horses."  He has been a licensed and ordained minister with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) for 25 years. Stacy has been the Senior Pastor of Tower of Refuge Church in Dublin, Virginia, since 2009. He served as a Youth Pastor / Associate Pastor in previous years. He has also served on the Discipleship Ministry Board for the Appalachian Conference from 2006–2018 and served as the Assistant Director, Secretary, and Conference Youth Pastor. Stacy currently serves on the Appalachian Conference Executive Council as a board member. He currently serves as a board member on Replenish Festival based out of Wills, VA.

He was also the first young man to receive the Gold Medal of Achievement, the highest honor, in the Royal Rangers in the Virginia Conference / Appalachian Conference region. He then went on to win the National Royal Ranger of the Year. Stacy attended Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. Currently, he is also the CEO and owner of Southwest Calibration in Pulaski, VA.   

Stacy & Sunshine Cope


Pastors of Tower of Refuge Church 

5846 Oak Grove Ave. Dublin, VA 24084 

Stacy & Sunshine's

Love, Fun, & Hobbies

Stacy & Sunshine LOVE being called into the ministry where they work side by side to teach, preach, & share the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord!    

Stacy & Sunshine's

Love, Fun, & Hobbies

One of their favorite things to do is to go out in their jeeps and hit the trails.  This is a peaceful time for them both as they both enjoy spending time together in the mountains.   

Stacy & Sunshine's

Love, Fun, & Hobbies

They are also big Ford Mustang fans as well.  So when they are not hitting the trails up in the mountains in their jeeps.  They enjoy taking their mustangs out for a peaceful ride, going to cruise-ins, car shows and finding new places to have dinner to top it off.  One of their favorite times a year is Christmas.  They collect all sorts of toy mustangs all year long and on Christmas Eve each year Stacy will dress up as Mustang Santa and Sunshine as an elf and give them out to children all across the NRV (New River Valley).  Mustang Santa will explain to the children the height difference between himself and his Elf in Charge and ask them.  "Do you know Buddy the Elf?  Well this is Buddy's little sister Sunshine the Elf that's why she is taller than me."